RK Library Rules and Regulations

  1. Member must show IC or any verification document upon borrowing book.
  2. Member will need to pay RM 100 for deposit when borrow book for the first time. (Refundable)
  3. Member can borrow up to 2 books each time.
  4. Each book can be borrowed for 1 month period, can be extended before expired. (Up to 2 times: 14 days + 14 days)
  5. Member will be fined for RM 2.00 for each expired book per week. If the book is not returned until the accumulated fine exceed the deposit amount, the deposit will be forfeited and the membership will be cancelled.
  6. Member will need to clear their overdue fine and return any expired book before they able to borrow book.
  7. For any book which is lost and damaged, member will need to pay the lost by cash (market price + RM 10), or replace the same version of the book. Or else, deposit will be forfeited.
  8. Once deposit is forfeited, membership will be cancelled, user will need to re-apply the membership afterwards.
  1. 借書時需出示身份證 / 任何相關證明。
  2. 第一次借書時需繳付 RM 100 抵押金(可歸還)。
  3. 每次僅限借閱 2 本書。
  4. 每本書限借閱 1 个月,逾期前可申請延長(最多两次:14天 + 14天)。
  5. 每本書每逾期一星期罰款 RM 2.00,若欠款超出抵押金额却未归还,抵押金将会被充公,会员资格也会被取消。
  6. 需還清逾期書本及欠款才可繼續借書。
  7. 若書本遺失 / 破損,則需以同版本的書本賠償,或以現金賠償(該書的市價 + RM 10);若不作賠償,抵押金將被充公。
  8. 一旦抵押金被充公,会员资格也会被取消,之後需重新申請會員資格。


Ruang Kongsi reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms.


Updated on July 2019